Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Florida Primary -- Coming Soon


It's a glorious time of year. I live in South Florida and soon our Great State will host the Primaries. Presidential candidates will be everywhere as well as all the media that surrounds them. For a media person like me, it's heaven.

Our city is also in the midst of electing many officials, so the door is constantly ringing with candidates taking the time to personally meet us doing door to door. I often wonder if they realize the value of this. How often their stop by the door results in "dinner time" table talk. And just how often that makes the deciding vote for them. I'm 50 now and can say that many times the person I shook hands with is the person who I voted for. It might not have convinced me, but it got me researching them more and that often lead to their vote.

Want some tips on doing it right? Here's a few from years of being on the other side of the door.

1) Talk to and shake not only the hands of the parents, but those of the teenagers and younger children as well. That shows the parent that you value families. It also leaves an impression on the children too. Last night at the dinner table, our 9 year old started the conversation with "so do you really think he'll lower taxes?" I'm sure she doesn't have a clue what all is involved with that, but it started a lovely conversation and his name was remembered by all. Plus, when she sees a sign, she remembers that "he'll lower taxes." Kids can be great salesmen.

2) Have an impressive marketing piece with bullet points. One commissioner came over the other day and was telling me about what was on his flyer, but it was just paragraphs and paragraphs of text. A bulleted point by point message would have gone a lot farther. Hire a virtual assistant to help. (okay, shameless plug there and not the intent of this blog). But the point was, I couldn't follow along with what he was saying at all. He missed his opportunity. After he left, because it was so unimpressive, I probably won't read it.

3) Don't act so darn hurried. I also only wanted to spend a few minutes with you, but I felt like you couldn'' wait to be done and go to the next house. That made me think you'll going to be too busy for me when the big issues come up too.

Anyway, I look forward to the coming weeks. For me I take this very seriously. Not only for election purposes, but I want to show my kids the importance of this so that they too will do the same in years to come. I do hope to be able to be in the crowds of all the presidential hopefuls. I'll tell you how it goes!

Diana Ennen
Virtual Word Publishing

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Brain Gym Coming To Margate Elementary

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Paul Dennison, the Founder of Brain Gym, www.braingym.com will be coming to Margate Elementary School in Margate Florida on January 31st for a special event. Margate has recently begun using the Brain Gym Program and the students are eager to show Dr. Dennison their moves. Dr. Dennison will be presenting a small talk immediately following. The following release provides additional information.

Also the Brain Gym Seminar is right around the corner, February 1 through the 4th. We have scheduled a special book signing on February 2nd at 5:30. If you'd like to meet Dr. Dennison, contact me for details -- diana@virtualwordpublishing.com

Florida Schools Get Moving With New PE Requirement –
Discover How Brain Gym Can Supplement These Programs at Upcoming Seminar

Ventura, CA (January, 2008) With Florida’s renewed interest in exercise and fitness, thanks to the new requirement for P.E. in elementary schools passed by Florida Legislature after the prompting of Governor Charlie Crist, more and more classrooms are implementing fitness programs. The results are extremely encouraging as students add additional exercise during morning announcements, recess, during P.E. classes, and even sitting at their desks or waiting in lunch lines. What teachers and parents are discovering is that these students are not only enjoying these exercises, but often taking these fitness ideas home and asking to do them there as well. It’s working.

The good news is that there are program options available that can even further increase student’s learning and increase mental health and wellness. One such program is Dr. Paul Dennison’s Brain Gym® program, http://www.braingym.com. The Brain Gym program is a movement-based system that optimizes brain activity, while integrating the mind and body. The Brain Gym movements have been proven so effective that many schools across the country now offer Brain Gym in their classrooms, as more and more parents and teachers request it for their children. The lessons taught are profoundly safe, simple, can be done anywhere, and work well for all ages.

One example is Margate Elementary in Margate, Florida. The Brain Gym Instructor there, Nichole Galinkin practices the Brain Gym Program four mornings a week with approximately a dozen children with ADHD. The program was so successful, that Margate’s Principal, Sharon Schmidt, suggested a daily school-wide Brain Gym Break. This has lead to the school sharing the Brain Gym program over morning announcements with the rest of the Margate students doing two to three new movements once a week as part of the new mandated P.E. Requirement. Galinkin reports receiving an extremely positive response from the students and states, “Students excitedly break out in Lazy 8s and Brain Buttons whenever they see me on campus.”

When students feel better physically, they perform better academically and enjoy learning more. The program uses easy-to-do developmental movements to "wake up" or "relax" the brain. Students experience increased levels of focus, organization, communication, self-confidence and positive attitude towards learning resulting in 20 to 50% higher test scores. Parents and clinicians benefit as well, as it directly impacts readers’ motor, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, visual, and reading skills. Students will discover they can learn faster and more easily, be more focused and organized. start and finish projects with ease, and reduced stress, and overcome learning and behavior challenges. Brain Gym is also an effective tool to share with individuals with learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, Asperser’s, or Autism.

Educators will have the special opportunity to explore the Brain Gym program at the upcoming Brain Gym Seminar, Discovering Balance for Daily Life, February 1-4 in West Palm Beach, Florida taught by the author. This seminar is a 32 hour workshop that includes the 26 easy and enjoyable targeted activities to integrate the brain/body systems to bring rapid and often dramatic improvements in concentration, memory, reading, writing, reading, listening, organization and comprehension. A separate book signing will follow on February 2nd at 5:30 p.m. open to the public.

Come and engage with others who believe movement is the key to whole brain learning and overall better health and well being. For more information please contact Dr. Patty Shackleford at 352.475.3311 or drpatty@pkconceptsinc.com. Stop by the Brain Gym site today to learn more about the Brain Gym Program, http://www.braingym.com. Dr. Dennison’s latest book, Brain Gym and Me: Reclaiming the Pleasure of Learning is available on Amazon and other leading bookstores. Dr. Dennison is also available for media interviews by contacting publicist Diana Ennen at diana@virtualwordpublishing.com.

February 1-4

Brain Gym’s Discovering Balance for Daily Life Seminar
West Palm Beach, Florida
Comfort Inn, 1901 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, WPB, FL 33409
February 1-4; 9:00 to 5:00
Dr. Patty Shackleford

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Brain Gym 101 Seminar

Model Brain Gym® 101
A course with Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D.,
Co-creator of Brain Gym© and Educational Kinesiology
February 1 - 4, 2008, West Palm Beach, Florida

Come share this exciting class utilizing the new Brain Gym 101 handbook. Learn the latest noticing techniques to draw out the learner’s innate intelligence. Brain Gym 101® is a movement-based educational program that develops new neural pathways for ease of learning. Model Brain Gym® 101 is a 32 hour workshop that includes 26 easy and enjoyable targeted activities to integrate the brain/body/heart systems to bring rapid and often dramatic improvements in:

· Concentration
· Memory
· Reading
· Writing
· Listening
· Organization
· Comprehension

Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. is a professional educator, pioneer in brain research, and world authority on cognitive skills and reading achievement. He received his doctorate in education for his research on reading and cognitive development. His clinical research in the USA on the causes and treatment of learning difficulties resulted in the development of the Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym© programs with his wife Gail Dennison. These programs are now used in more than 80 countries worldwide and translated into more than 40 languages. He is the author of Brain Gym and Me; Reclaiming the Pleasure of Learning.

You will learn how to:
· Learn anything faster and more easily.
· Be more focused and organized with increased ability to pay attention
· Start and finish projects with ease and reduced stress
· Overcome learning and behavioral challenges. Brain Gym® is an effective tool to share with individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/Asperser’s/Autism
· Reach new levels of excellence through the realization of personal goals.
· Perform better at sports and all areas of personal expression.

And much more!

February 1 - 4, 2008
Course Location: West Palm Beach, Florida. Please register early.
Fee: $450 all students, when $100 non-refundable deposit is received by January 1st,
$500 fee for all students after January 1st.
There is no discount for reviewers at this special event.

To enroll in this course, please send registration form and your $100 deposit or full payment to:
Dr. Patty Shackleford, PK Concepts Inc. 2380 SE CR 21 B, Melrose, Florida 32666
For more information please contact Dr. Patty Shackleford at 352.475.3311 or drpatty@pkconceptsinc.com

Open to new students, Brain Gym 101 graduates and licensed Brain Gym instructors

Brain Gym© is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. For more information visit www.braingym.org

Mail deposits/tuition to:
PK Concepts, Inc.
2380 SE CR 21 B
Melrose, FL 32666

For additional information or media contact:

Diana Ennen
(954) 971-4025

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Brain Gym - Dr. Paul Dennison

Our Client, Dr. Paul Dennison's, Brain Gym Program is getting recognized more and more throughout the United States for its role in elementary schools and their fitness programs.

With the enactment of the requirement of 30 minutes of mandatory P.E. in schools today in many states, Brain Gym is becoming a part of school's daily schedule. Here is how one school in Michigan utilizes the Brain Gym Program.


If you would like information on Brain Gym, or their upcoming seminar in February, please contact me at diana@virtualwordpublishing.com.

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Local Author, Diana Ennen, in Family Circle Magazine

Look for me in the January Issue of Family Circle- Mothers of (Re)intervention

I was quoted in the January issue of Family Circle. -- Page 61 -- "Dee Ennen of Margate, Florida owns a home-based administrative support business and often displays marketing materials in office stores." (Go check it out!)

Here are more tips and information on how I run my administrative support business/virtual assistant business (see press release below).

I'm available for media interviews, or if you'd like our free informational package on starting a virtual assistant business, please email me at diana@virtualwordpublishing.com. Stop by our sites too for additional information and to participate in our forum ... www.virtualassistantstartups.com, www.virtualwordpublishing.com

Thanks! - Diana Ennen

Virtual Assistants – The Key to Successful Book Marketing and Promotions
Virtual Online Books Gain in Popularity and Sales

Margate, FL – January, 2008. Finally, the answer self-publishers and published authors have been looking for to compete in the overwhelming and often oversaturated book publishing industry. They have found the solution for getting the same exposure and media coverage as those authors who are fortunate enough to work with top marketing consultants. They have found the one true answer in getting their book the recognition it deserves. Meet the Virtual Assistant!

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are highly skilled professionals who take the time to excel in their given field. They provide extensive marketing solutions, creative and innovative advertising campaigns, administrative support, proofing and editing capabilities, and other specialized services for entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, and others who want to bring their business to a new level, or market their books for greater results. VAs work globally, taking full advantage of all the connections of the online book networks, online publishing listserves, and other media outlets that are available to all who know where to find them. They utilize all their expert talents and superb writing abilities for book marketing and promotions, thereby helping entrepreneurs and authors achieve the success they deserve.

Diana Ennen, co-author of Virtual Assistant ~ the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA with Kelly Poelker states, “Today’s Internet has opened the doors to successful marketing. Being able to send your books to other online bookstores, promote your books on other sites, contact publishers and editors of papers via e-mail, and just day-to -day tasks of getting publicity is now convenient and available for all to do. As an author myself, I know how important it is to provide that personalized attention to authors, so I make every effort to provide them that specialized attention and total commitment in marketing their books.”

Virtual assisting has also opened up the gateway for e-books and online bookstores. Virtual Word Publishing’s site has a virtual online bookstore and has experienced tremendous growth over the past few months. Self-published authors are getting exposure for their books and establishing themselves as successful authors and experts in their field. The bookstore currently has a wide variety of excellent books on many topics ranging from starting a virtual assistant business to successful tips on marketing your online business.

If you want to stop by the bookstore at Virtual Word Publishing, http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com and see the many fine books, or list your book on the site, stop by today. You can download sample chapters or get research and information on publishing and virtual assisting as well. Simply the Best, that’s what you’ll find here.

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South Florida Events - Seminar Brain Gym

Our Client, Dr. Paul Dennison will be coming to South Florida in February to present a Brain Gym Seminar. - West Palm Beach, Florida. February 1 - 4, 2008.

Contact diana@virtualwordpublishing.com (954) 971-4025.

Brain Gym 101 Seminar --

If you’d like to discover an easy way to enhance your memory, organization, concentration and creativity, this workshop is for you. The Brain Gym 101 Seminar is an extensive 32-hour event presented by Dr. Paul Dennison, founder of the Brain Gym Program. The workshop is open to new students, Brain Gym 101 graduates, and those licensed Brain Gym instructors looking to further develop their Brain Gym skills. The course is centered on the simple, fast and fun 26-targeted movements that make up the Brain Gym Program. These movements consciously activate the mind/body system to release learning blocks and prepare your brain and entire nervous system for optimal learning. Participants are taken step by step through each movement with the detailed Brain Gym 101 Handbook as a guide.

The course promotes efficient communication between the brain and the rest of the body, increasing play and creativity and alleviating stress as it enhances performance, all ingredients for better balance in your life. The success of Brain Gym can be attributed to its effective movements, and balances, as well as to its addressing the physical skills of learning.

Since the 1980s the field of Educational Kinesiology, the study of movement and its relationship to learning, has touched people of all ages and cultures. Brain Gym has been introduced in homes, classrooms, businesses, and places of learning in more than 80 countries on all seven continents with rapid and often dramatic improvement in reading, writing, language and numerical skills. Many others use the work to profoundly enhance the quality of their attention and concentration, memory and organizational skills, athletic performance, and more. The popularity of brain exercises today supports the positive and dynamic effects of stimulating brain movements.

The workshop also explores the five learning principles central to Brain Gym Work. They include:

1) Draw Out: Intelligence is Inborn
2) Focus: Attention Follows Intention
3) Notice: We Learn What We Actively Experience
4) Move to Learn: Growth Is a Search for Balance, Imbalance a Search for Growth
5) Interconnect: Each of Us Is Affected by Each Other

Come and engage with others who believe movement is the key to whole brain learning and overall better health and well being. For more information please contact Dr. Patty Shackleford at 352.475.3311 or drpatty@pkconceptsinc.com. (Register Now). Stop by the Brain Gym site today to learn more about the Brain Gym Program, http://www.braingym.com. Dr. Dennison’s latest book, Brain Gym and Me: Reclaiming the Pleasure of Learning is available on Amazon and other leading bookstores.

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