Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Florida Primary -- Coming Soon


It's a glorious time of year. I live in South Florida and soon our Great State will host the Primaries. Presidential candidates will be everywhere as well as all the media that surrounds them. For a media person like me, it's heaven.

Our city is also in the midst of electing many officials, so the door is constantly ringing with candidates taking the time to personally meet us doing door to door. I often wonder if they realize the value of this. How often their stop by the door results in "dinner time" table talk. And just how often that makes the deciding vote for them. I'm 50 now and can say that many times the person I shook hands with is the person who I voted for. It might not have convinced me, but it got me researching them more and that often lead to their vote.

Want some tips on doing it right? Here's a few from years of being on the other side of the door.

1) Talk to and shake not only the hands of the parents, but those of the teenagers and younger children as well. That shows the parent that you value families. It also leaves an impression on the children too. Last night at the dinner table, our 9 year old started the conversation with "so do you really think he'll lower taxes?" I'm sure she doesn't have a clue what all is involved with that, but it started a lovely conversation and his name was remembered by all. Plus, when she sees a sign, she remembers that "he'll lower taxes." Kids can be great salesmen.

2) Have an impressive marketing piece with bullet points. One commissioner came over the other day and was telling me about what was on his flyer, but it was just paragraphs and paragraphs of text. A bulleted point by point message would have gone a lot farther. Hire a virtual assistant to help. (okay, shameless plug there and not the intent of this blog). But the point was, I couldn't follow along with what he was saying at all. He missed his opportunity. After he left, because it was so unimpressive, I probably won't read it.

3) Don't act so darn hurried. I also only wanted to spend a few minutes with you, but I felt like you couldn'' wait to be done and go to the next house. That made me think you'll going to be too busy for me when the big issues come up too.

Anyway, I look forward to the coming weeks. For me I take this very seriously. Not only for election purposes, but I want to show my kids the importance of this so that they too will do the same in years to come. I do hope to be able to be in the crowds of all the presidential hopefuls. I'll tell you how it goes!

Diana Ennen
Virtual Word Publishing

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